We have a range of antique chests in different woods and sizes.

Indika-Antique-Dowry chest 2 Indika-Antique-RW chest Indika-Antique-Jaffna chest Indika-Antique-Code Ch-3 RW chest with brass inlay Indika-Antique-Code CH-05 camphor wood Chest Indika-Antique-Code CH-09 large Camphor chest Indika-Antique-Code Ch -01 Dutch Chest Indika-Antique-Code CH -04 RW Chest small with brass work Indika-Antique-RW chest_chest06 Indika-Antique-RW jewel box_chest07 Indika-Antique-Teak chest with brass inlay_chest02 Indika-Antique-Teak chest_chest08Html Slideshow by v3.2