We restore/modify antique beds in teak and rosewood. We also custom build new beds to classical / contemporary designs in teak and other tropical hardwoods.

Indika-Antique-BD -02 RW tiled bed Style 2 Indika-Antique-BD -03 Teak tiled bed Indika-Antique-BD -06 Rw single Bed Indika-Antique-BD -07 Teak Stained RW carved bed Indika-Antique-BD -9 Rosewood Satin wood opium  bed Indika-Antique-BD-01 Rosewd tiled Bed style1 Indika-Antique-BD-04 Teak spindle bed Queen size Indika-Antique-BD-05 Queen sized rosewood bed Indika-Antique-BD-08 Opium bed with glass painting Indika-Antique-BD-09 Teak Four poster Bed Html Slideshow by v3.2