Passage to Indika

Indika (ancient Greek name for India) was started by Shanta Narayan in 1999 on her return to India after many years overseas.

Her deep love for furniture and eye for detail has made Indika a special place to collect classical and unusual furniture. Within a short span of time her furniture boutique has received excellent response from the market.

Based in Chennai, Indika has 5500 square feet of vintage, colonial, and antique furniture in premium wood such as Teak, rosewood and other tropical hardwoods.. The range is wide and includes Armoires, Book cases, sofa sets, dining sets ,poster beds, desks, chairs ,side boards, puja mantapams, chest of drawers, chests, swings(julas), Main doors & columns .and other architectural accents. These are restored once a buyer makes a choice. A variety of finishes are offered including natural finishes which highlight the quality of the wood and antique finishes.

Some of the pieces are modified in consultation with the customer to suit contemporary life styles preserving the antiquity of the furniture
Reproductions & Contemporary Furniture are custom built on order using traditional techniques by master craftsmen using seasoned Burma Teak and other tropical hard wood.

Each piece is personalized to suit individual requirements.

Indika also offers Designer doors custom crafted with Premium wood, Metal and Glass.

Indika employs a team of highly skilled craftsmen who use traditional skills to produce furniture of exceptional quality.

A licensed exporter, Indika has exported furniture to different countries all over the globe includingUSA, UK, Italy, France, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Indika works with reliable freight forwarders, who will safely deliver the goods world wide, door to door

Indika a fascinating collection of one of its kind furniture & handicrafts, as well as collectibles.

Photos on the website are only indicative. Our inventory keeps changing. We will be happy to furnish details of any special pieces that customers might want. Prices available on request.
Indika also undertakes complete interior / exterior solutions for homes & offices including design and execution.

What sets Indika apart from others is the quality of finish of the furniture pieces and its authenticity.

The Indika collectionsis now available in Bangalore from February 2011.

Indika-Antique Furniture Restoration
The awe inspiring designs at Indika Creations are so good, that you could be forgiven for not believing the earnest owner who insists that everything you see is crafted from recycled wood. A mammoth collection of ancient wooden designs, handicrafts and furniture adorn this intimate gallery, and you will find it hard not to fall in love with these exotic pieces. The professional approach adopted here is well evident from the vast number of international orders they receive every day. Every piece here comes with a distinctive charm so don't forget to call them when you think of redecorating your home the next time